Our goal as a faith community is to provide hope and kindness in tangible ways to persons and families in need. As a community church, we honor and care for our neighbors.

Our current Mission & Outreach Ministries include:


Ramping Up 

Ramping Up is a ministry that builds wheelchair ramps for people who need them but who otherwise can't afford to have one built by a contractor. This unique ministry functions on an as needed basis. Men and Women, Adults and Teens, are welcome. Let us know you are interested in this ministry and when requests come our way, we'll contact you to be part of the project.

Ramping Up Contact

Colegio Susana Wesley (Anapra, Mexico)

Antonio and Dina Briones felt the call to found a school after they discovered that the community of Anapra could not read the bibles they gave them.  The Colegio Susana Wesley was built through their labor and the labor of missionaries who gave of their time and gifts to share hope with children.  This school has become a place where people find hope and grow in faith through relationships.  We support the mission of Colegio Susana Wesley by sending mission teams as well as various project throughout the year.  We recently completed a book drive where we sent more than 1,000 books to the school to be used in their library as well as gifts to students. We recently sent a team of 18 to serve for a week in Anapra.  Let us know if you are interested in our next mission trip (TBD).  

Colegio Susana Wesley Contact

Outreach Events

Recognizing our unique location in an indoor shopping mall, we participate and create opportunities to connect with and care for the larger community through outreach events.  Practicing the Christian art of hospitality, these are public events intended to allow the community to have a positive encounter with the church, and by extension, Christ.  We believe that often people need to know the community of Christ before they know the Christ of the community.   We participate in mall hosted events, such as Mall-O-Ween, as well as sponsor our own events like the Backyard Fest (a music & food event prior to the Heath fireworks), concerts, and other entertainment.  We encourage you to check the weekly print bulletin and E-news to learn more about current or upcoming Outreach events.

New Life Baby Pantry

Located in Hebron, the New Life Baby Pantry assists children and families with the daily necessities, like diapers, clothes, and formula. New Life Baby Pantry was founded in 2009, and is a ministry of Hebron New Life UMC.  We support their efforts by collecting as needed items to be distributed at the Pantry, such as clothes, blankets, food, shoes, etc.  Often our members participate in making items for the Pantry such as blankets, baby hats, decorating shoes, etc. Even when we don't have a current project for the Pantry, we encourage you to check out their website and see how you can share hope through the New Life Baby Pantry.  

Need Some, Take Some; Have Some, Leave Some

It began simply.  A few Church in the Mall members saw that some individuals in our community did not have some of the basic necessities and/or were struggling to make ends meet.  These individuals brought in food and simple toiletries and started our Need Some, Take Some, Have Some, Leave Some ministry.  A mouthful of a name, it conveys it's essence and mission.  As those in our community have need, they are welcome to take of the collection of non-perishable food as well as toiletries.  For those who have more than they need, they are invited to contribute to the collection. It's fairly simple and no sign up needed.  We invite you to participate in the Need Some . . . as you have or as you need.