It began with 9 individuals who desired to be a part of a community, to create a church in the Newark-Heath community.  Our faithful band eventually grew to 30 folks and then grew some more and continues to grow.  This is the beginning of our story. . .  

Our Journey

In July 2010, we leased a retail space in Indian Mound Mall.  For the next four months, we worked to transform this retail space into sacred space.  We dreamed, we cleaned, we painted, we built, we dreamed some more, we cleaned again, we painted some more.  And in November, the powers-that-be told us we were up to code. We were clear to open our doors to the public!  

In December 2010, we held our first preview service. Those first months were an adventure as we invited the community of Newark-Heath to know us and allow us to get to know them.  We hosted Open Mic Nights, the American Red Cross Blood Drive, Concerts, Game Nights, etc. as well as served so many cups of coffee and hot chocolate we lost track.   

On April 17, 2011, we celebrated our public launch with a Palm Party.  Since that time we have played together, laughed together, cried together, made a life together.  It's a journey and we're excited to see where God will take us.   

On November 30, 2014, we chartered as a new United Methodist Church in the West Ohio Conference.  It was a day to truly celebrate: "Welcome to Church in the Mall. Welcome home."  Check out this brief video for more of our story.


What we believe:

  • We believe in relationships
  • We believe in community
  • We believe in individuals
  • We believe in family in all its varied forms
  • We believe in second chances
  • We believe that questions are good
  • We believe in process

You may be thinking. . . Do I have to believe all this? And the short answer is: Nope.  The long answer is this: We're all on a journey and we all have a story.  We'd love to hear yours.  We invite to journey with us, to make your story part of ours.